Once Upon A Time

There lived an ordinary girl, free and full of energy with a passion for life and boundless imagination. Love filled her soul for all of Earths living things; people, animals, plants. Happy and full of light no one could have ever imagined where her mind would end up taking her as she grew. Least of all her. 

Life is a funny thing; full of twists and turns and constant surprises. It isn’t linear, it isn’t constant and every single living thing experiences it differently. Kind of blows your mind if you really think about. But enough talk about that or I’ll give myself a headache. The mysteries of the Multiverse are too vast to comprehend. So back to the girl.

Her journey through life took many turns; some bad, others good; many of them scary, but a lot of them exciting. The one thing that life did do, which is imperative to her story, is that while it was taking her through all these twists and turns a cruel joke was secretly playing out.

Much like when you throw a pair of earphones into your drawer and they come out in a tangled knot that takes forever to undo, the same thing was happening to her. These twists and turns created a cage-like knot around her soul and as much as she struggles and fights and tries to release the knot, it just seems to get tighter and tighter. Slowly suffocating her.

So here she is stuck.

Hope still flickers at her soul though, faint and timid and scared but nevertheless still there. And it is that small flicker of hope that she is going to slowly fan and feed and grow until there is a raging fire burning in her soul full of love and passion and energy. 

It is this flicker of hope that she will use to change the knot into a winding road and allow herself to be free again. 

This girl is known as Daisy and this is my story.